Through a new way of using carbon fibers we provide leading cooling technology for electronic components used in aerospace, automotive, data centers, computers etc.


Materials with a thermal conductivity higher than any metal

The carbon fibers we are using have a thermal conductivity of up to 1000 W/mK. This is about four times higher than aluminium and twice that of copper. At the same time the carbon fibers have a significantly lower density allowing for more lightweight structures.


Structures with a surface area about 100 times larger than conventional metallic solutions

The surface area of a heat sink is highly important for transferring the heat efficiently to the surroundings. By using the fibers in an optimum way we build structures with fins on the micrometre scale allowing for a huge increase in surface area compared to metallic solutions.


A high-volume manufacturing process for cost efficient products

Despite the small scale features of our solutions we have developed a manufacturing process well suited for high volumes and cost efficient production which enables our products for the mass market.